Pinnacle wetsuits are known for the high quality of their suits and accessories, designed to match whatever water conditions you'll be facing. Pinnacle uses modern production techniques and the best available materials to create products that are built to last, season after season. Most styles of Pinnacle wetsuit are made with a titanium-lined neoprene that keeps the suit both flexible and lightweight. With a range of products from shorty spring suits to the 8 mm hooded Polar wetsuit, there is a Pinnacle wetsuit for any water activity and all water temperatures.

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Pinnacle Wetsuits

There is a Pinnacle wetsuit for everyone in your family. Wetsuits are available in a range of neoprene thicknesses and is styles for kids, men, and women. Select a full suit for activities where you need warmth and full protection. A shorty spring suit is a good choice for warmer water temperatures, and can be worn alone or paired with other Pinnacle products. Customize your gear to changing water temperatures and conditions by adding Pinnacle accessories like a hood, a vest, boots, or gloves. Pinnacle wetsuits and accessories will keep you comfortable, warm, and ready for your next watersport adventure.

Choosing Your Pinnacle Wetsuit

Wetsuit Wearhouse is proud to offer Pinnacle wetsuits. If you don't see the Pinnacle suit you're looking for, or if you have questions about buying a wetsuit, please visit our Help & Advice section or call 866-906-SUIT. Our experts will answer all of your questions and make sure you get the right wetsuit for you. With great gear for men, women, and children, Wetsuit Wearhouse can help you outfit the whole family for your next adventure.