Akona adventure gear

When you're planning your next water sports adventure, look to AKONA Adventure Gear to outfit your whole family. AKONA wetsuits are available in a range of neoprene thicknesses for different water temperatures, and in sizes for adults and children. AKONA gear is designed to be rugged and versatile, and they've packed their lightweight wetsuits with extra features to keep you comfortable. The unique four-way stretch neoprene gives you the flexibility and range of motion you need to enjoy your favorite water sports.

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AKONA Wetsuits

If a SCUBA trip is in your future, check out the full range of AKONA SCUBA gear. Springsuits are a great choice for dives in warmer waters. AKONA's fullsuits feature Quantum Stretch, a lightweight neoprene that provides exceptional flexibility and strength. For colder temperatures, AKONA includes accessories like hoods, gloves, and booties to keep your extremities warm and prevent the loss of body heat. Thanks to years of research and product development, AKONA wetsuits are among the most comfortable and best-fitting suits available.

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