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Paige Rosenthal

Paige Rosenthal

As a proud born-and-bred Miamian, Paige can’t imagine a life away from the ocean. She’s a travel, food and lifestyle writer hell-bent on uncovering new, under-the-radar destinations, sights, sips, and bites. When she's not busy writing, Paige can most likely be found throwing together a new recipe, running around Downtown Miami, trying out a new restaurant (most likely sushi), or heading to the beach with her black lab, Remi.
Paige Rosenthal

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wetsuit hacks
  November 3rd, 2020

Wetsuit Hacks

Wetsuit Hacks Whether fighting to get your wetsuit on, struggling to stay warm, or trying every method to get it dry quicker, there are plenty of things to think about before you start surfing.   Seasoned surfers — through many...
how to increase lung capacity for surfing
  July 21st, 2020

How To Increase Lung Capacity For Surfing

How To Increase Lung Capacity For Surfing While you may have dreams of surfing huge wave sets, your lungs may not be on par with your ambition....
how to get out of a wetsuit
  June 23rd, 2020

How to Get Out of a Wetsuit?

How to Get Out of a Wetsuit? You’ve done your research. You’ve learned about style, fit, and material, and now you’ve finally purchased your first wetsuit. You’re ready to zip up and...
can a woman wear a men's wetsuit
  May 27th, 2020

Can A Woman Wear A Men’s Wetsuit?

Can A Woman Wear A Men's Wetsuit? Wetsuits made for women today are not your grandma’s wetsuits. With new technology, quality materials and detailed attention to fit, female surfers have...
why do surfers wear black wetsuits
  May 6th, 2020

Why Do Surfers Wear Black Wetsuits?

Why Do Surfers Wear Black Wetsuits? Whether a surfer is new to chasing swell or a seasoned pro, a wetsuit is the second skin that’s taken pretty seriously for most surfers. It’s the first...