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How to Choose a Wetsuit Size

   January 28th, 2016   Posted In: How-To  

Selecting the correct wetsuit size can be tough, especially for first time wetsuit buyers. Wetsuits fit tighter than clothing, and the wetsuit size will usually be one or two sizes bigger than clothing. Even a perfect fitting wetsuit will be a bit tough to get on and off; it has to be that way, since wetsuits work by trapping water between the suit and skin, creating an insulating layer of water warmed by body heat.


How to find your wesuit size

Use these following tips to make sure you buy the right wetsuit size:


Selecting a wetsuit size based on weight alone is unreliable. We highly recommend using body measurements whenever possible.

Sizing for Full Wetsuits and Springsuits:

  • Height and chest are the most important measurements.
  • Measure your chest at the widest point, with the tape gently snug.
  • Regarding length, it’s generally OK if the suit is a little on the long side. It’s generally NOT OK if the suit is too short. It will likely be uncomfortable in the crotch and neck.
  • If in between two sizes, take the larger size.

Sizing for Wetsuit Tops:

  • The chest measurement is most important.
  • Height is less important for tops, so as long as it’s close the fit should work.

Sizing for Wetsuit Shorts:

  • Waist measurement is most important.
  • Height is irrelevant for short sizing.

Sizing for Boots:

  • Order your regular shoe size. If you are a half size, round DOWN to the nearest whole size.
  • Wetsuit boots are not made in half sizes. Neoprene (wetsuit material) is stretchy and will stretch a half size.
  • Wetsuit boots should fit slightly tighter than regular shoes.

Sizing for Gloves:

  • Measure around your palm.
  • If in between sizes, round down to the smaller size.

Need help figuring out your size? Call (866-906-7848), E-mail (, or chat with one of our wetsuit experts for sizing advice. We’re happy to help!


Lauren Belt

Merchandiser at Wetsuit Wearhouse
Lauren (LoLo) has been picking out the latest and greatest wetsuits and being the social media queen for Wetsuit Wearhouse since 2014. She learned to surf for the first time ever in Costa Rica but she gravitates more towards SUP. When she's not scouring the web for travel deals, you can find her either hiking, running, practicing yoga, studying holistic nutrition or reading a good book outside on a beautiful day.

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  • Avatar Russell says:

    I live in western Washington. Just starting kayaking. 62 y/o, 180lbs., 6′ tall, 32/32 pants size, 42 inch chest. Need help buying my first wetsuit.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Russell,

      Thanks for reaching out about this and that’s awesome that you’re starting kayaking! Please send an email to our customer service,, or give our service team a call at 866-906-7848 and they will help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Thank you!

  • Avatar george smith says:

    I’m looking to add a second shorty (original is 2 mm and no stretch), I’m looking at 2.5 mm with stretch. I am on chemo maintenance and dexamethasone tends to shift excess weight from arms, legs and butt to waist and underarms. Kidney Dr. has me cancelling water loss pill so some fluid weight tends to stay in belly area. Hence shape is pear/apple! Height is 5.9 and chest size is 44+
    The one you highlight has sizes jumping from 1xl to 2 xl but skips the xls size which would appear to best match my needs.
    I am willing to skip the sale price if there is another xls which would match my needs.

  • Avatar Carson woods says:

    I have a 41″ chest, 35″ waist, I’m 71″ tall,
    I ocean swim on Long Island Ny and water gets as cold as 60 degrees when I swim, what full suit do you recommend?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Carson,

      Thank you for reaching out and asking! Based on what you said, we have a lot of fullsuit options for you and two different routes you could take. IF the suit will be for multiple sports, I would recommend a 3/2mm fullsuit and because of your chest, waist and height, I would recommend looking at size LS. Remember that fullsuits are supposed to fit tight and like a second skin. There are also a lot of other personal factors that need to be included such as price range and zipper type. Here is a full list general use 3/2mm men’s fullsuits that we have in stock for you to choose from:

      If this suit is ONLY going to be used for swimming, you should consider a triathlon wetsuit. Triathlon wetsuits are standard 5/3mm thickness, and for your water temps, you could either go with a full sleeve or sleeveless. Your triathlon wetsuit size should be large.

      Hope that helps! And if you have any more questions, please reach out to our customer service via email or phone. Email is and phone is 866-906-7848.

      Thank you!

  • Avatar Paul says:

    What size would 5’9″ height and 37/38″ chest get for a 4/3 fullsuit used for surfing?


  • Avatar jeff says:

    I’m 6’9″, 230 lbs — any wetsuit out there that’s going to fit me? Thanks!

  • Avatar Tammi says:

    Thanks for the quick delivery. However, this suit was just to small in the bust, so I am returning. (neosport shorty spring suit, 2mm) , I am 5’1″ and have a 42 top and size 12 bottom/short waisted. I need a spring 1mm suit for Arizona swimming/aerobics in winter in outdoor pool. 2mm I feel will be to thick for what I need. Any suggestions appreciated…so I can re-order something that will work.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Tammi,

      Sorry that the suit ended up being on the smaller side. Unfortunately, we do not have anything that’s 1mm thick that will provide you with the best fit right now. Based on your measurements and your needs, we recommend a front zip vest and a pair of shorts. The vest is 2mm thick, but your arms have that free range of motion while keeping your core warm and the shorts will add some additional warmth/coverage. We suggest this vest in a size 14: and these shorts: Please feel free to reach out to our customer service as they can better help you find just what you need, our phone is 866-906-7848 and our email is Thank you!

  • Avatar Zane Frye says:

    Got a customer I’m trying to fit with a wetsuit. He needs a 3mm full suit. Measurements are chest: 55, waist: 58, hips: 54 and inseam: 34. He’s 74″ tall, weight 380. Do you have a suit that will fit, and if so, could you provide a price?

  • Avatar Bill Harrell says:

    Want to get a little shoulder and arm strength (rotator cuff)tear.some respiratory problems no submerging. 52y/o male 52 chest Where can I find a top?

  • Avatar Jean Weir says:

    Where do I find a size chart?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Jean,

      Thanks for asking! You can find size charts when you click on an actual product and scroll down to the description of the product and click the Size Chart tab. Since all of the brands we offer have different size charts, we do not have a universal size chart to go off of. If you need any help with sizing or how to choose a size, feel free to contact our customer service either via email ( or phone, 866-906-7848. Thank you!

  • Avatar janete says:

    I’m interested in the Women’s Rip Curl G-BOMB Cap Sleeve Springsuit.
    My measures are 5’3″ height / 134 lbs/ 37″ chest (bust) / 31″ waist
    What is the correct size for me?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Janete,

      Based on your measurements, you should go with a size 12. Unfortunately we do not have a size 12 in the G-Bomb Cap Sleeve Springsuit. We are currently checking with our brand rep to see if we will be getting any size 12’s in soon and we will let you know! Thank you!

  • Avatar art says:

    Water temp 55-60 degrees .lake Washington winter swimming for 15-20 minutes-dock to buoy and return
    age 82
    Want full suit
    170 lbs with protruding belly , thin legs and no butt(smile)
    waist 39

  • Avatar ANGELA says:


  • Avatar Ingrid Hohe says:

    I surf in San Diego, 68 years old female, broke my neck and back. Was 5’9″ but since my accident now 5’6″ and about 138 poundage. Looking at 4/3mm Women’s Billabong SYNERGY Full Wetsuit
    $159.95 size 10. You think that would be a good choice…can get down to 57 in the winter. It is easier to keep my spine warmer than cooler.
    Thanks for your advise.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Ingrid,

      You could probably order a size 10, but in order for us to tell you with certainty to get that size we will need your bust measurement. You can either let me know here in the comments or you can reach out to our awesome customer service team and they will be able to help you get just what you need. Feel free to either call at 866-906-7848 or email at Thank you!

  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    Do you have a size chart? I can’t find it.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      You can find size charts when you click on an actual product and scroll down to the description of the product and click the Size Chart tab. Since all of the brands we offer have different size charts, we do not have a universal size chart to go off of. If you need any help with sizing or how to choose a size, feel free to contact our customer service either via email ( or phone, 866-906-7848. Thanks!

  • Avatar Jeremy says:

    Hi. I’m looking to buy my first wetsuit. I’ll be using it on the southern coast of South Korea, with winter water temperatures in the low to mid 50’s F. Mainly for cleaning boat bottoms plus recreational use, so a couple of hours at a time in the water.

    I’m 6’6, 200-210 lbs
    44″ chest
    38-40″ waist depending on time of year

    The Henderson 7mm Thermoprene suit in XLT appears to be the closest fit for both size and use… but will my sometimes slighty larger waist measurement be a serious issue?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for asking! The 7mm Henderson Thermoprene suit is a perfect suit for what you need. It will be durable for cleaning and it also has a good bit of stretch for some recreational use. The XLT should do it and you don’t have to worry about your waist measurement. Chest measurement is almost always more important than the waist so you should be all good to go! Thank you again and have a great week.

  • Avatar Dezzy says:

    So I’m looking at a Roxy springsuit 2mm arm and the bottom is like shorts. I’m 5’7 about 165lbs, I wear a 38C in my bra and a size 9/10 in juniors size pants. Do you think the size 14 would work for me? The suit I’m looking at is a zip front.
    Thanks In advance

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Dezzy,

      Thanks for asking! Based on the suit you are looking at and your measurements, I would suggest first trying the size 12 and not the 14. If you need any additional help, please feel free to contact our customer service team either via phone, 866-906-7848, or email, Thank you!

  • Avatar Ken Mahrer says:

    Hi! I am looking to purchase a men’s shorty wet suit. I am 69, a master swimmer and have been a master swimmer for about 25 years. I am 6 ft, 190 lbs, 45-inch chest, 35-inch waist. I am going to be swimming in a small pond continually fed by a stream. The pond is the result of a man-made dam with a continuously running spillway so the water never warms up. I would guess the water temp is in the high 50’s. I have swim in this pond twice, both I times I swam a number of traverse, lasted about 20-30 minutes but it was COLD and I barely got used to the water! I want to stay in longer and get a real workout. My wife and I agree I should get a wet suit. I think a shorty will be enough. Also, we are budget limited to $50-$100’s. What do you recommend, including size, please.

  • Avatar Roz says:

    Hi looking for a ++size ladies suit. 165cm tall – 130kg uk size 24. Kayaking inner Hebrides in Scotland so v. Cold. Thanks roz

  • Avatar Michael says:

    Hi Paige,

    I am just under 5’9″
    Weight 170
    Chest 40-42

    I am interested in O’Neal and Xcel and thickness 4/3
    Please suggest the sizes that will fit me


  • Avatar Alyssa Ross says:

    I am a 25 Year old Women. 5 Feet and 145 lbs and I need help finding a long sleeve long pants wetsuit size for me.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Alyssa,

      Thanks for reaching out. What water sport were you looking to use a wetsuit for? And if you need any assistance figuring out what you need, please feel free to contact our customer service team either via live chat, phone (866-906-7848), or email ( Thank you!

  • Avatar Amber says:

    I am in San Diego looking to use a wetsuit primarily for snorkelling. I am 5’1″, 35″ chest, 117 pounds. What type and size wetsuit do you recommend?


  • Avatar Jason Fisher says:

    What size should a 5’11” male weighing 320 with a 54 inch chest wear

  • Avatar Kay says:

    Hi first wetsuit buyer here. I am looking for a springsuit for my swim instructor son (20y/o). He never worn wetsuit before, and it is a gift.
    We are looking at “2mm Men’s Body Glove Pro3 Shorty Springsuit”. If we go with his chest measurement, according to the Sizing Chart, it’ll be “M”.
    He is 5’8″, 140lb, 38inch chest, 29inch waist. He works out and very fit. But very skinny, and I am worried that water might come in from arms and thighs if we go “M”? Not to mention his middle will be baggy? Thank you!

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Kay,

      The Medium should be OK for him based on his measurements. Feel free to go ahead with the Medium, and if it ends up being a little too large, it can always be exchanged for a Small. If you need any more assistance please contact our customer service team either via live chat, email ( or by phone (866-906-7848). Thank you!

  • Avatar Douglas Neff says:

    Hey Lauren I am looking to buy a new wetsuit but which one is better glue or stiched

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Douglas,

      That depends on the water temperatures. Flatlock seams are great in warm water temps as they allow some water to seep in. Sealed seams (or, glued and blind-stitched) are only glued on the inside of the seam and work well in cool water temps since they prevent water from seeping in. Then there’s sealed and liquid taped seams which you’ll see in a lot of higher end suits and is meant to be worn in cold water temps so none of that cold water seeps through keeping you warmer, longer. This blog post also touches on the different types of wetsuit seams:

      If you need additional help, feel free to write back to me in the comments, or live chat us, call us (866-906-7848) or email us ( Thank you!

  • Avatar Thomas lum says:

    Hey. I need help picking a wetsuit i have a 3/2 right now but it got big on me & water keep gettin in around the ankle its m/s whats the next size i should get cause im consisting doin winter surfing this yea im 5’1 5’2 but i got wide shoulders can u help me i been looking to buy. A 5/4\3 but dont know what size i need

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey! Check out a size small. Most size smalls are very close, or the same in length to a MS. Thanks!

      • Avatar Svenja Forster says:

        Hi my name is Svenja
        I found a very beatiful springsuit from billabong on amazon, but the size mesure says not 2-14 as I exoected. It says 32-44. When it comes to clothes i normally wear an european 34, should I pick a 34 or a smaller one.
        I really want it to fit perfectly because I have made bad experiances with wetsuits being too loose, so the water just went trough which wasn’t very pleasent and very cold.

  • Avatar Curtis Mc Master says:

    I am 6’5” 180 pounds and am looking to buy a 4/3mm what’s the best suggested full size suit I should buy

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Curtis,

      Were you looking for a general water sports fullsuit or something more specific? Also, what is your chest measurement? If you were looking for a suit for something like surfing, check out this one by O’Neill: in a size LT. But, also take note that you should look at your chest measurement before you decide. If you need more assistance, please feel free to reach out to us either via phone (866-906-7848), email (, or even live chat. Thank you!

  • Avatar Sandi says:

    I am trying to figure out what’s the best size for me. I am 5’1″, 200 lbs ( give or take due to swelling around joints from arthritis). chest measures 44.5″, waist is 44″, hips 46″. What would be the best size. I need a suit for swimming and aerobic activity in pools ranging from 62-82 degrees. need front zip due to joint issues. Is a fullsuit better than the top/bottom options? thanks

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Sandi,

      Based on your measurements and needs, I would highly recommend that you look into getting a custom wetsuit. If you’re swimming in the 60s, a 3mm front zip fullsuit would do well. And if you’re swimming in the high 70s, lower 80s, a top and bottom combination would be best. Here is a link to our custom wetsuits: Feel free to contact our customer service team for additional help either via phone (866-906-7848), live chat, or email ( Thank you!

  • Avatar john Podlipec says:

    Hi I am looking for a 5/4 wetsuit for winter surfing.
    my measurements don’t line up with a specific size. 6′ 180lb 151/2 neck . 38 chest 40 hip and… ugh 35″ waist.. I used to wear MT but fear my old 32″ waist has grown while nothing else has.

  • Avatar skylar says:

    so is weight more important to consider than height?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Skylar,

      Actually, chest and height are the most important measurements to consider when figuring out what size wetsuit to order. Go off of those first and then your weight. Thank you!

  • Avatar Jordan Barker says:

    I’m a 30 year old woman who is 5’1″, 163lbs, wear a 40D/DD bra, and am usually a size 16 or 18. I’m looking for a wetsuit to wear in warm waters around Bimini. Mostly just for snorkeling. Is there anything that would fit me?

  • Avatar IGNACIO MAGAÑA says:

    I am looking a 2mm Women’s Body Glove PRO 3 Dive Shorty Springsuit
    PRODUCT CODE: 13173W for my dougther. She is 110 lbs and 5.25″. The 5/6 its fine ?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Ignacio,

      That should work for your daughter. What is her chest measurement? That will also determine if this shorty will fit. Please feel free to contact our customer service team either via phone (866-906-7848) or email ( Thank you!

  • Avatar Heather Devine says:

    I am looking to purchase a plus size wetsuit for kayaking. I am female, 5′ 1/2” in height, and I weigh 162 lbs. My bust size is 43″ (42D bra size), my waist size is 38″, and my hips are 45″. So I am short and stout! The lake where I plan to kayak is glacier fed and quite cold. In summer it is about 70 degrees F, but that is the warmest that it gets. I am thinking that the thickness should be 4-5mm…? Do you have a wetsuit that will fit me? Thanks in advance! hd.

  • Avatar Kat Thompson says:

    Hi, I’m looking to buy my first wet suit. I’m 5’3, 170 lbs, and a 36DD. I’ve been looking at 5mm and 3mm suits, preferably a 5mm. Would you so kind as to help me out? And point me to a suit you suggest for my size? Thanks

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Kat,

      Yes, we would love to help! First, what do you plan on using the wetsuit for? Surfing? Dive? Paddle? Once we know what water sport you are looking to use the wetsuit for, we can help guide you in the right direction. Or, feel free to contact our customer service team either through live chat, email ( or call 866-906-7848. Thank you!

  • Avatar Peggy says:

    Hi. I am looking for a flexible warmer wetsuit for swimming in 60-70 temps. I am 5’4” Measurments 40 34 40. Thank you so much!

  • Avatar Jeff Molitor says:

    I am in need of a suit for 68-72 degree water. My dimensions are a bit unusual, 5’10” 122 lbs chest 34, waist 28. What do you recommend?

  • Avatar Joe Fey says:

    Hi Kat – This will be my first wetsuit. I need it for a mountain lake that we will be riding wave runners on. Just need something to keep the chill off in early summer and late fall when going on a long ride. I’m 5’7 weigh 230 lbs, and have a 47″ chest, 40″ waist. What thickness and size would you recommend? Also, if I buy two sizes – to decide fit, can I return one of them? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Avatar Teresa says:

    I am a 6 ft tall female. What size full suit would I order?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Teresa,

      What watersport would you need a fullsuit for? Also, what is your chest measurement? Once I know that information, I can guide you to the best possible wetsuit for you. Thank you!

  • Avatar Mike says:

    Hi Lauren, I am looking for a wetsuit for kayaking, but would likely to use it for a little canyoneering as well. My chest:waist ratio seems difficult to match. I am a male, 5′ 8-1/2″ tall, 158 pounds, 30 inch waist, 42 inch chest, 31 inch inseam. Should I get a full wetsuit or a top/bottom combo? Any thickness recommendations? Thank you.

  • Avatar Emily says:

    Hi! I bought a wetsuit recently from your site. It was the 3/2 Juniors Billabong Synergy size 12g. I’m 5’0 and the 12 fits pretty good all over except in my lower back. Theirs a gap between the wetsuit and my lower back. I heard it’s not good to have air gaps as it will keep the wetsuit from really keeping you warm. Any suggestions? I need one by the last week of June! Thanks!

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Emily,

      Based on what you are saying, I recommend calling our customer service team at (866) 906-7848 for some help. They will be able to ask some questions about the fit and make a recommendation. IF the wetsuit fits like a second skin everywhere else, and a small pocket if air is at the lower back, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if there is looseness or wrinkles around other places, the suit may be too big and you would need to try a smaller size. Hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

      Thank you!

  • Avatar Nicole says:

    Im looking to buy my first wetsuit for surfing but can’t seem to find one that fits for my height! I live in Australia so i’ve dabbled into billabong womens wetsuits but they’re just too long for me in the legs and so i get water build up there.
    My height is 161cm and i weigh 50kgs.
    Also for Sydney beaches which are currently 20 degrees celsius, should i be alright with a 3/2mm or should i consider 4/3mm thickness.

  • Avatar Nick says:


    I am looking for a 7mm scuba wetsuit for my wife. She’s 5′-5″, 220lbs, 44DDD, wears a size 20 dress (depending on brand, could be 18 or 22).

    [The remaining measurements were made by me, so take them with a grain of salt]
    Waist 49-1/2″, bust 50-1/2″, inseam (to ankle bone) 26″.

    Any suggestions? Fyi, this would be for her checkout dives in three weeks (we thought the shop would have a rental). We will eventually both get custom suits, but I don’t think we have time to do that.


    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Nick,

      We apologize in the delay for this response. With all of the information you provided, we do not have a 7mm SCUBA wetsuit that would fit your wife perfectly. The best advice we can give (if you haven’t found a dive 7mm wetsuit already) if for her to get a custom wetsuit. You can check out our custom wetsuit information here:

      Thank you and please feel free to reach out to our customer service either via email (, live chat, or call us at 866-906-7848!

  • Avatar Sarah says:


    I’m getting into surfing and need a wetsuit. I’m 5’2, 185 pounds. My measurements are (about) 44 inch chest, 47 inch waist, and 46 inch hip. What wetsuits would you recommend? I will be surfing mostly in Washington in about 35-50 degree waters.


    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Sarah,

      From the sounds of it, you need a 5/4mm thick fullsuit and probably one that’s hooded. Unfortunately at the moment we do not have anything in stock with the sizing that will comfortably fit you. We would recommend a custom wetsuit though. That way the suit will fit you exactly how you need it to. Here is a link to our 5/3mm custom fit wetsuit: Hope that helps and please feel free to contact us either via live chat, email ( or call at 866-906-7848. Thank you!

  • Avatar Andrey Rebrov says:

    I want to by a 3/2mm hood but my measurements are 15in neck and 22in head. What size you recommend?

  • Avatar Danielle Yeager says:

    Hello Emily,
    I need to buy a women’s shorty (2, 2.5, or 3mm.) I outgrew my AKONA QUANTUM STRETCH 3mm (which I loved based on stretch, length, and fit) Then: I wore AKONA size 11/12 and my measurements were: 34-27-39, 5’10”, 140 lbs. Now: my measurements are: 39-32-44, 5’10”, 165 lbs. I like the HENDERSON THERMOPRENE 3MM BACK ZIP SHORTY and am wondering if I should order size 12 or 14. Secondly, I’m open to your recommendation for other shorty wetsuit(s) that would fit my long waisted, pear-shaped body.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Danielle,

      Thanks for asking! Based off of your measurements, the size 14 of this suit would fit you better than the 12: The suit will expand just a bit once it gets wet so that may ease any tightness. If you have any more questions or need additional help, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team either via live chat, email ( or call us at 866-906-7848. Thank you!

  • Avatar Erika says:

    I just purchased a Bare Evoke 5mm 6T for scuba diving. It fits fine everywhere except the thighs are WAY too big on me. I am very skinny but tall: 5′ 9.5″, 34 chest, 28 waist, 34 hip and 110 lbs. Any suggestions on brands/sizes for linear bodies? I also am cold all the time so I think I need the 5 mm or a 3 mm with a separate vest and hood.


    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Erika!

      It sounds like this 3mm Women’s Henderson Thermoprene Pro fullsuit in size 6T would be the best bet for you. This is a really nice diving suit with great stretch and feel and will fit you nicely: If you need additional help, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team either via live chat, email ( or call 866-906-7848. Thank you!

  • Avatar William Foutch says:

    I am looking for a swimming wetsuit for my three year old son what would you recommend

  • Avatar Brenda says:

    I am looking to find a wet suit for a trip. The cruise line said they had 2.7 mm ScubaPro Oneflex shorty available but when I looked at the sizing chart, it appears they will not fit me. I was told to bring my own shorty. I am a very active but very plus sized woman. I was blessed once in the chest, but twice in the hips. somewhat pear shaped. I am having trouble finding a suit. I am tall 5’10”, weigh 320 Chest 50, waist 45, hips 63. I can find my size on charts in chest and waist, but because my hips are generous, I am not finding that measurement int he charts. Someone said to use my chest and waist, but the hip measurement is about 6-10 inches shy of my actual measurements. SO will a shorty stretch that much? Can you recommend a brand/size. Should I go by chest or hip measurement? Are any brands more pear shaped than others? also how thick do you think I need (vs stretch characteristics) We are going to the Galapagos so water temp is around 70-72 degrees. I am very excited and plan to snorkel a lot and I want to be comfortable. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • Avatar Justin Ohnigian says:


    I am 6 foot 1 inch and am entered in my first triatholon. This is the nyc triatholon and takes place July 21st in Hudson River. I weigh 200 lbs and have a size 35-35 waist. I really am at a loss for which size wetsuit and thickness to buy. I am pretty certain I want a full size one. If you could please help me I would really appreciate a recommendation. Also not looking to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

    Thanks in advance

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Justin,

      Our triathlon wetsuits all have the same thickness (5/3mm). A full wetsuit might be too warm for you in July in NYC. Typically these work best in water temps that are 50 degrees and up. You might like a long john triathlon wetsuit instead, like this one (and it’s $99.99): As far as size goes, what is your chest measurement? We recommend that you first base what size to get off of your chest size. Once you let me know, I can better help you find the best fitting wetsuit for your tri!


  • Avatar Beth says:

    Hi I’m looking for a 4mm wetsuit for Canyoneering. I am 5’51/2” 145lbs and chest 34c any suggestions and size suggestions?

  • Avatar Peter Ayala says:

    Question on size…I’m 5’7″ 183 and went with the SYNCRO 3/2 full in a LS? Do you advice that size. It seems a bit snug but the next size looks to be too long according to the chart?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Peter,

      Well, this also depends on what your chest measurement is. When you get a chance, can you measure your chest and write back what it is in inches? Typically, the most important measurements when it comes to buying a wetsuit is the chest and height. Let me know your chest size and we’ll go from there to make sure that the LS is exactly what you need. Thanks!

      • Avatar peter says:

        Just over 40″

        • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

          Hey Peter,

          Based on your height and chest and the stretchiness of the 3/2 Syncro, I would go with the size MS. That will fit your height pretty perfectly and will stretch enough to fit your slightly over 40-inch chest. Hope that helps! If you need more assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team either via live chat, email ( or call 866-906-7848. Thank you!

  • Avatar Ron McClure says:

    Looking at purchasing the 7mm Men’s Henderson THERMOPRENE PRO Jumpsuit PRODUCT CODE: AP870MB I am 6’5″, 220lbs, 44″ chest. 42″ waist. Not sure if I should go with the XLT or the 2XLT. What do you suggest?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Ron,

      First off, great choice – the Thermoprene Pro series is awesome! Second, as far as what size to get, I would suggest the XLT. Your measurements definitely teeter between the two sizes, however, the Thermoprene Pro series is very, very stretchy so you should have no problem feeling comfortable in the XLT. Hope that helps and thank you for reaching out and asking! Let us know if you need any additional help.

  • Avatar Steve says:

    New Scuba Diver here.
    Been using a Scubapro 7mm rental with hooded vest XL. Kept me warm at 52F but the fit left something to be desired..
    I have a broad square shoulders and a long torso and relatively short legs for my height. Any advice what brand and size i should try?

    Height 5″ 11.5′
    Weight 187 lbs
    Chest 41″
    Waist 36″
    Hip 39.5″
    Torso shoulder vertical to crotch 30.5c
    Inseam crotch to floor 30.5″

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Steve,

      I would highly recommend looking at our 7mm Men’s Henderson Thermoprene Pro Full Wetsuit found here: It’s super stretchy, durable, and very comfortable and warm. Based off of your measurements, I would recommend the size Large. Let us know if you have any more questions or need additional help, but I think you’ll be very pleased with this wetsuit. Thanks, Steve!

  • Avatar Richard Morrison says:

    Hi Lauren,

    Live in Florida & plan on a cross country northern road trip in September beginning N. Mich to the Olympic Peninsula via Glacier Natl Park. Will pack my inflatable SUP and need a wet suit. Am 6’3″, 170lbs, 40″ chest, 34″ waist, 39″ hip, 34″ leg length.
    Your help here appreciated.

    Thx, Richard

  • Avatar Tom Murphy says:

    Hi. I’m a new scuba diver looking for a size recommendation for a 5mm wetsuit. I’m a short and stocky guy – 5’6″ 180 lbs 42-43″ chest and 36″ waist (28″ inseam). Thanks for any recommendations.

  • Avatar Fred says:

    I am looking at purchasing a 5/4 wetsuit for surfing on the BC coast. I am 6’1″, 220lbs, 44″ chest and 36″ waist and I am not too sure which to pick between the XL, XLT or 2XL. I would appreciate your suggestion!

  • Avatar Maria Dodds says:

    Hi Lauren,

    I live in California and I am looking at purchasing a 3/2mm shorty for swimming. I am 5′-0″ tall, 105 lbs, 33″ chest, 29.5″ waist and 35″ hip. I thought the O’Neil Reaction either size 6 or 8 might work. Both sizes are a few inches longer in torso but the waist measurements offer a better fit. I would really appreciate if you could give me any suggestion. I have not tried swimming in a wetsuit before. Thanks so much!

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Maria,

      Thanks for reaching out. Were you talking about a 3/2mm full wetsuit or the 2mm O’Neill reactor 2 shorty springsuit? Once I know that I can help you a little bit more. Also, just for extra help, when deciding on a wetsuit size, we always recommend that you start with your chest and your height measurements first. Let me know how else I can help, I’m happy to do so!

  • Avatar Maria Dodds says:

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the confusion. Indeed, I am looking for a 2 mm O’Neil reactor 2 shorty springsuit or any other brand equivalent . My figure puts me in between O’Neil sizes. Size 6 might fit me better in the chest; where size 8 might fit me better in the waist. I did not find any hip description in the O’Neil size chart though. That being the widest part of my body, I worry if too snug of a fit might limit my movement in water. Weight wise, I am way lighter than those of size 6 & 8.

    Based on height and weight, I should be a size 4 but its chest and waist measurements are too small for me, esp the waist. I also heard the O’Neil reactor 2 kind of runs small.

    Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you again!

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