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How to Buy a Recreational Swimming Wetsuit

   January 27th, 2016   Posted In: How-to  


Do you catch a chill in the ocean or while playing around in the pool? If so, a basic recreational swimming wetsuit will keep the chill off.


For general purpose water play, consider an entry level wetsuit made of Standard Neoprene -or- 30% Stretch Neoprene. If you are swimming laps occasionally, a stretchier suit will be less restricting. Look for a 30-60-or 100% stretch suit depending on your budget. Basically, the stretchier the better!


If you are serious about lap swimming, you should instead consider a triathlon wetsuit. Check out our selection of triathlon wetsuits here.


Depending on water temperature, you might need a full body wetsuit (fullsuit), a springsuit, or a top or bottom.


Use the Water Temperature Guide below to determine the type of wetsuit for your needs:


Wetsuit temperature guide

Learn about wetsuit thickness below!



Check out this video for more on neoprene types:



And, here’s some information on seam types!



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