Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon wetsuits are used by triathletes and open water swimmers to enhance speed and performance while providing added buoyancy and warmth. Many triathletes find triathlon wetsuits, by brands like Blue Seventy, and NeoSport Triathlon Wetsuits, a crucial and beneficial aspect of the race.

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Buying Triathlon Swimming Wetsuits

The key to a good triathlon swimming wetsuit is making sure it fits just right. Your suit should be snug around your body so that it doesn't leak around your arms or neck. Triathlon swim suits work by allowing a thin layer of water in, but they should not be loose enough to allow an in and out flow of water. That would defeat the purpose, slowing you down and making you cold.

Helpful Hints for Triathlon Wetsuits

  • Putting On Your Triathlon Wetsuit: Because triathlon wetsuits are so delicate, it's important to be careful when putting it on. Try putting it on with your socks still on your feet. This will prevent your suit from getting caught on your toenails and help you slide it over your feet more easily. Be sure your triathlon wetsuit is pulled snuggly between your legs. This is extremely important because if this area of your suit is loose it can make the rest of your suit loose too, affecting your swim. A loose, or poorly fitting suit, can slow you down and make you use more of your valuable energy.

If you have a long sleeve triathlon wetsuit, make sure the arms are pulled up all the way so that there is no room between your armpit and the suit when you raise your arms. Long sleeve suits improve your swim time and lessen the amount of energy you use, although you may feel more comfortable in a sleeveless suit.

  • Taking Off Your Triathlon Wetsuit: Practice makes perfect in taking off your wetsuit. While triathlon swim suits are made for quick removal, you'll still want to practice taking it off so that you use as little time and energy as possible after the first leg of your race. While you're running, unzip the suit and pull it down to your waist. Once you get to your bike, slip it down your legs as far as it will go. Try stepping on one leg of the suit and pulling that leg up and out. If you do the same for the other leg, you can get your suit off without sitting down. You can also try using products like Suit Juice that helps entry and exit, or Body Glide which also helps your wetsuit slide off more quickly and prevents chafing at the neck and armpits during vigorous swims.

Triathlon wetsuits are made from delicate neoprene and cannot be used for any activity other than swimming. SCUBA diving and surfing could ruin your triathlon wetsuit, as they are specifically made for swimming.

Triathlon wetsuits provide warmth, buoyancy, and protection from abrasions as well as SPF protection. For more information on the advantages of triathlon swimming suits and to see a list of wetsuits we offer, visit Men's or Women's triathlon wetsuits. And be sure to check out our amazing Triathlon Wetsuit Sales.

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