Aquasphere wetsuits
Aquasphere (formerly known as "Phelps") Triathlon Wetsuits were seriously designed with swimmers in mind. They're constructed with super stretch neoprene and a Dura Glide coating to help you literally glide right through the water. Aquasphere wetsuits have special panels under the arm and crotch to prevent chafing, while the glide skin increases speed and reduces drag. Whatever the playground, Aquasphere gears up the free-spirited swimmers and celebrates each individual in their pursuit of achievement.

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Aquasphere Triathlon Wetsuit Selection at Wetsuit Wearhouse

Swimming season is here, so gear up by wearing a full Aquasphere wetsuit, a shorty wetsuit, or a triathlon accessory during your next open water swim or competition. Stretchy glide skin neoprene and Dura Glide skin coating reduces drag with no restriction in movement, while increasing your speed. Wear a full triathlon wetsuit for those cold water days or go for a shorty john or jane for warm water temp swims.

Formerly branded as Phelps, Aquasphere wetsuits are crafted with the triathlete in mind. And it shows in all the details! Whether you need full coverage like a fullsuit or simply need a wetsuit top, Aquasphere products will not let you down with their durable and high-quality gear. Need help with sizing or have an Aquasphere wetsuit question? Contact customer service at Wetsuit Wearhouse today!