Lift Efoil

Lift is a company committed to creating the highest quality of hydrofoil surfing equipment. They are well-known in the surfing world for their classic foil setups, but after years of product development and testing, Lift introduced their electric hydrofoil board to the world. Wetsuit Wearhouse is thrilled to be an authorized Lift dealer so we can bring the eFoil experience directly to our customers. This hydrofoil surfboard is a cross between a hoverboard and a flying carpet, giving you the chance to fly through waves on the world’s smallest personal watercraft.

LESSONS & DEMOS: $350 lessons, demos, and supervised rentals for the Lift hydrofoil are available by our affiliate, Slopeside Holdings LLC, on and near the Potomac River in western Maryland. Please submit the form or call Chris @ 301-223-1982x101 for more information.

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How the Lift eFoil Hydrofoil Works

The Lift electric hydrofoil takes advantage of lithium-battery technology and wireless communication to give riders a thrilling experience without compromising stability and safety. The hydrofoil board has a rechargeable battery that averages between 60 and 90 minutes of ride time. The Lift hydrofoil is completely electric, which means no noise, no emissions, and minimal maintenance. The motorized surfboard is powered by a liquid-cooled propulsion system that delivers a smooth and quiet ride without sacrificing power or speed. The Lift eFoil's unique wireless hand remote lets you control your ride and offers advanced safety features, like automatic board shut-off if the remote is submerged.

Choosing the Right Lift eFoil For You

Wetsuit Wearhouse has the full range of the Lift eFoil in stock and ready to ship immediately. Lift offers four different styles of their electric hydrofoil, so there’s something for everyone, from total beginners to experienced athletes looking for a new thrill. (The Lift eFoil is recommended for riders age 16 and up who weigh less than 260 pounds.) The 6’2” Explorer is a great introduction to the powered surfboard, offering stability to the new rider. At the other end of the spectrum is the 4’4” Pro model. The smaller size of this hydrofoil board lets it move more freely in the water so an experienced rider can make more aggressive turns and enjoy the feeling of riding free on the foil.

To learn more, contact our experts who can answer your questions about the Lift eFoil Hydrofoil and help you choose the right board for you. If for some reason we don’t have your selected board in stock, be sure to ask about our exclusive discount on factory direct boards.