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Not sure which to choose? As a general rule, 1mm and 2mm wetsuits can be used at 70 degrees and up; 3/2mm for 60 degrees and up; 4/3mm for 52 degrees and up; and 5/4/3mm for 45 degrees and up. Style options include fullsuits, shorty springsuits, hooded full wetsuits, and a variety of wetsuit separates. Girls wetsuits aren't just for ocean sports - they are a great option for a chilly day at the water park, or for swimming lessons at the pool. Wetsuits are an inexpensive way to give your child all-day warmth and comfort. No more blue lips!

Shopping for Girl's Wetsuits

Girl's wetsuits are the best choice for activities that put your daughter in cool or cold water for long periods of time. A full body wetsuit is recommended for sports such as surfing, in which kids can be exposed to harsh ocean conditions. For warmer waters, sports that require more mobility, or activities off the beach, consider a springsuit or shorty wetsuit. Wetsuits for girls also help to protect against harmful UV rays and underwater hazards. With our variety of colors and styles, you're sure to find the right suit for any girl.

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