The right wetsuit is essential for your safety and comfort in the water. But we know that it can be hard for some athletes to find a wetsuit that fits properly. If you have had trouble finding a good fit with standard wetsuit sizing, you may feel invisible to wetsuit manufacturers. That's why Wetsuit Wearhouse offers a range of curvy women's wetsuits and big and tall men's wetsuits from size-inclusive brands. Our stock of hard-to-find sizes includes fullsuits, shorty suits, vests, and jackets.

Collection: Plus-Sized Wetsuits

Selecting a Wetsuit

In addition to being a good fit, your wetsuit should be matched to the expected water conditions and temperatures. In general, thinner neoprene (0.5-2mm) is best in warmer waters of temperatures of 65 degrees and up. For colder temps or prolonged time in the water, consider a thicker suit of 3-5mm. A big and tall wetsuit or a plus size wetsuit can be paired with additional accessories to customize your gear for your sport and for the water conditions. Adding a wetsuit vest, boots, or gloves will give you extra warmth without sacrificing mobility.

Buying a Plus Sized Wetsuit Or Big and Tall Wetsuit

When you're looking for a big and tall wetsuit or a plus size wetsuit, chest and bust measurements are the most important consideration. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect wetsuit fit, visit our Help & Advice section, contact us at (866)-906-7848 or send an email. Our wetsuit experts will guide you through the sizing and selection process and make sure you get the right wetsuit for your body type.