Wetsuit Care

Salt water and chlorine can be arch enemies to your wetsuit! Our selection of swimming accessories and surf accessories help to prevent harsh elements from destroying your wetsuit and work to keep it in good condition. Occasional users should rinse with fresh water after each use and hang dry on a special wetsuit hanger. Never use a clothes dryer! Frequent users should rinse with fresh water and occasionally use a capful of wetsuit shampoo. The Wetsuit Care products found below will maintain your investment for years to come!

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Wetsuit Shampoo

Complement your wetsuit with high-quality wetsuit and SCUBA diving accessories. Extend the life of your wetsuit by using wetsuit care products and accessories. Whether you need to repair your wetsuit or want to prevent skin irritations, Wetsuit Wearhouse has a large selection of products that will keep both you and your wetsuit in top condition. Shop now for:

  • Wetsuit Care Products – Protect your investment with shampoos, cleaners, and conditioners, protectants, odor eliminators, and hangers.
  • Wetsuit Repair Products – Adhesives, repair cement, and replacement seals for holes, tears, seams, and high wear areas.
  • Wetsuit and SCUBA Diving Accessories – Zipper lubricants, anti-friction lubricants, leg straps, goggles, and more!
  • Skin Care – Sunscreens and after-sun products.

Swimming and Surf Accessories

Purchasing a wetsuit and wetsuit accessories is an investment. Protect your wetsuit by using a wetsuit care poroduct and/or accessory. We offer a variety of products for neoprene to prolong the life and value of your wetsuit!