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Triathlon Wetsuit Rentals

  • Only $50!
  • High-Performance brands like blueseventy & NeoSport
  • Fast shipping & easy returns
  • Fullsuits & long johns available

-Please ensure that the suit is returned CLEAN and DRY. A wetsuit sent back wet and dirty ends up smelling really bad by the time it gets back here! Failure to return the suit clean and dry will result in a CLEANING FEE of $25.

-If the wetsuit is not returned in time, there will be an EXTRA WEEK FEE of $15 applied, and for every week thereafter until the retail value of the suit is reached.

-Fingernail tears happen, we get it! We'll fix minor ones at no charge, but extreme tears from misuse or neglect may result in additional charges on a case-by-case basis.

-The rental suit may be used only for swimming purposes, as the material used for triathlon suits is too delicate for surfing, SCUBA, etc.

-If your order is placed using PayPal, we will need to contact you for credit card information prior to shipment. Due to the nature of rentals, a valid credit card will need to be on file to cover incidentals.

Triathlon Wetsuit Rentals

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