Serious triathletes know that the blueseventy Helix wetsuit offers the ultimate in performance and quality. Since 2006, athletes have counted on the Helix wetsuit line for a superior fit and feel. Today's version of the Helix builds on that foundation, using cutting-edge materials like Yamamoto neoprene and innovative design features to improve body position in the water. The result is a high-performance wetsuit that will give you the flexibility and buoyancy you want for your next race.

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The Helix wetsuit is built on a 5-5-4 pattern that provides enhanced buoyancy and allows for an efficient downhill swimming position. Paneling across the back of the Helix gives greater flexibility to maximize distance per stroke, and the overall construction of the Blueseventy Helix supports natural body rotation while swimming. The nylon ultra-stretch inner jersey creates an incredibly flexible suit without additional weight or bulk. The full zipper and updated leg construction allow for a quicker exit, saving precious time in transition. The design and quality of the Blueseventy Helix will let you excel in your next race, and all season long.


Blueseventy stands behind the quality of their products. All of their wetsuits include a one year warranty (from the date of purchase) against defects in the workmanship and materials. The warranty is only valid for the original owner and the product must have been purchased from an authorized Blueseventy USA reseller. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

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