We have a range of 3mm SCUBA diving wetsuits to offer you the best protection when you're in the water. Perfectly suited for moderate to warm temperatures (68 degrees F and up), a 3mm full dive suit also gives your skin the protection it needs from sun and abrasions. Browse our collection, which comprises top brands such as O'Neill, XS Scuba, Akona, XCEL, and many more, and we're confident that you'll be able to find the right 3mm neoprene wetsuit for your diving needs.

Collection: Men's SCUBA Diving 3mm Wetsuits

Men's SCUBA Diving 3mm Neoprene Wetsuits

When you're in the water, you want a wetsuit you can depend on. Our men's 3mm dive suits are made of compress-resistant neoprene, guaranteeing you warmth even at SCUBA depths.

Men's 3mm Full Wetsuits in Compression-Resistant Neoprene

At Wetsuit Wearhouse, we understand the importance of comfort, flexibility, and durability. With wetsuits in 1mm to 7mm thickness and a range of features including poly fleece lining, ankle and wrist zippers, and sealed and taped seams, our vast collection of men's full neoprene dive suits ensure you can find the right wetsuit for your diving needs. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our Wetsuit F.A.Q, or call us on 866-806-SUIT (7848) and we'll be happy to talk you through the process of choosing your next SCUBA diving wetsuit.