Wetsuit long johns are ideal for swimming, giving you the perfect balance of comfort and flexibility while you're in the water. Triathlon long johns allow for a great range of motion while ensuring you stay warm and dry, so you can move freely without compromising on protection.

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Triathlon Long Johns

At Wetsuit Wearhouse, we understand that for swimmers and triathletes, the ability to move freely is of utmost importance. That's why we provide a selection of wetsuit long johns made of the highest quality neoprene so you can feel comfortable as you move smoothly through the water. Feel confident that the protection of your body is well taken care of with a pair of triathlon long johns, made to preserve your warmth.

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Browse our selection of triathlon long johns today and find the perfect fit for your next underwater adventure. For any queries, our team of experts is on hand to provide advice and guidance. You can get in touch by calling us at 866-906-SUIT or visiting the Help & Advice section on our website. Whether you are a recreational swimmer, a triathlete, or both, with triathlon long johns from Wetsuit Wearhouse, you can be truly in your element while in the water.