Wetsuit separates like a SCUBA top and wetsuit bottoms are a great addition to your watersports gear! They can be worn on their own on warm days when water temperatures are 78 degrees F or higher. A men's SCUBA top is designed for easy entry and exit. With a range of available styles, including front zip options, hooded vests, and wetsuit jackets, you can customize your gear for the water temps and conditions. Wetsuit bottoms like diving pants provide extra coverage and protection and can be layered under a full wetsuit for dives in cooler temps.

Collection: Men's SCUBA Diving Wetsuit Tops & Bottoms


Whether you prefer a vest or a jacket, a SCUBA top is a great choice for warmer days in the water. Choose a vest any activity where you need full upper body mobility. A jacket and wetsuit bottoms are a great combination for diving or surfing. All SCUBA tops are made from super stretchy neoprene for comfort and flexibility. They are designed with durable flatlock seams to keep you comfortable all day. Wetsuit bottoms offer additional protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and from debris or rough waters. Worn together, a SCUBA tops and wetsuit bottoms will ensure all-day comfort for your next dive.


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