A SCUBA diving top is perfect for those summer days when you're diving in warmer waters. A SCUBA top can be worn in water temperatures of 80 degrees and up. Worn alone or paired with wetsuit shorts or pants, a SCUBA diving top provides an extra layer of insulation and protection. With options like wetsuit vests, front-zip jackets, and hooded vests, you can choose the SCUBA top that gives you the coverage you need and the features you want for a perfect day in the water.

Collection: Men's SCUBA Diving Wetsuit Tops


SCUBA tops aren't just for diving. Vests are a great option for paddleboarding, kayaking, and other sports that require upper body mobility. A front-zip jacket is designed for easy on and off and can be worn with a base layer for additional insulation. SCUBA diving tops are made with super stretch neoprene for flexibility and comfort, and the durable seam construction helps to keep water out, so you stay comfortable.


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