SCUBA hoods are an easy way to maintain some heat while diving. We offer a range of thcicknesses and styles that will protect your head and ears and keep them warm while diving!

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SCUBA Diving Hoods

If your diving excursions take you into water below 65 degrees, as well as dive boots and gloves are must-have items. Remember, the deeper you go, the colder the water, so for deep diving, these SCUBA accessories can be of the utmost importance.

Turn any regular fullsuit into a hooded suit with SCUBA diving hoods. They keep your head warm, prevent your body heat from escaping, and protect your head from sharp objects. In addition to hoods, we have versatile hooded tops that can be worn alone or layered under a wetsuit for added core insulation.

When buying a SCUBA hood, you want to make sure it fits right. The hood won't do you any good if it's falling off your head so be sure to check the size charts prior to ordering.