If you're a watersports athlete who's ready for a cold water diving adventure, equip yourself with a 7mm SCUBA wetsuit. Wetsuits of 7mm or thicker should be worn when water temperatures are between 45 and 60 degrees F. A 7mm SCUBA diving wetsuit is designed with thicker neoprene to provide essential insulation and warmth in colder waters, without sacrificing mobility. Choose a hooded fullsuit for maximum coverage, and add wetsuit accessories like gloves and boots to keep your extremities warm in colder waters.

Collection: Men's SCUBA Diving 7mm Wetsuits

Men's 7mm SCUBA Wetsuit in Compression-Resistant Neoprene

A Wetsuit Wearhouse 7mm SCUBA wetsuit is made of compression-resistant neoprene that won't compress at SCUBA depths. Although the neoprene is thicker in a 7mm scuba wetsuit, these suits are designed for performance and constructed to give you the flexibility and range of motion you need for a great dive. Many styles include additional features to help keep you comfortable, including sealed and taped seams and quick-drying poly fleece lining to help maintain core warmth.


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