If your watersports adventures are taking you into colder waters, make sure your gear is ready for cooler temperatures! Whether you're surfing, diving, or kayaking, lower water temps mean you need to keep your extremities warm. Round toe wetsuit boots are a great option to provide extra warmth and protection. Made for comfort, these booties can be worn for almost every watersport. Boots come in a range of thicknesses, from 2mm to 7mm, to match the conditions you'll encounter. And many round toe wetsuit boots include great features to help you maintain your performance, even as water temps drop.

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Round toe wetsuit boots keep your feet warmer than split-toe booties. They're made with eco-friendly, flexible neoprene to help keep you warm and comfortable. Look for models with glued and blindstitched seams, which will deliver maximum flexibility and minimal water entry. For surfers, round toe wetsuit boots have a thin softgrip sole that maintains a true-to-the-board feel. Round toe wetsuit boots can be easily paired with your favorite cold water wetsuit to help keep you and your feet warm and protected!


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