There are many sorts of essential gear that a triathlete/open water swimmer should not go without. Wetsuit Wearhouse provides gear that is specially designed to provide swimmers with enhanced speed, buoyancy, and greater overall performance and protection. Choose from our great selection of body glide, swim goggles, socks, and more!

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Triathlon Gear

Our specialized triathlon gear is ideal for those who want to take their triathlon to the next level, allowing you to prioritize comfort and protection across your entire body. Our thermal socks come in both low and high cuts, ensuring warmth in a range of temperatures and our hoods and caps give your head a comfortable defense against the cold. All of our triathlon gear is expertly made to give you the perfect balance between comfort and protection. You can have a full range of motion with flexible and durable triathlon gear in the highest quality neoprene that has been designed with the aim to give you maximum warmth and protection.

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Your skin will thank you for using an anti-chafe balm like Body Glide, which keeps your body hydrated as you make your transitions. Specialized triathlon goggles both protect your eyes and give you high-definition vision while you're under the water. Open water swimmers, look no further than Wetsuit Wearhouse's range of tri gear.