When you're preparing for your next SCUBA dive, consider a women's full body wetsuit. A women's SCUBA wetsuit can be purchased in one of a range of thicknesses to match the expected water temperature and conditions of your dive. For warm or tropical dive conditions in water over 80 degrees, a 1mm - 2mm SCUBA wetsuit will be all you need. If you'll be diving in water temperatures between 70 and 79 degrees, consider a 2mm - 3mm full suit. For very cold water pair a 5mm - 7mm wetsuit with accessories like a hood and boots for increased warmth.

Collection: Women's SCUBA Diving 1 Piece Fullsuits

Women's Full Body Wetsuit

When determining what thickness SCUBA suit you need, consider how long you normally dive and how deep you go. The water and surface conditions, and your own personal comfort, should also be factored in when selecting a women's SCUBA suit. The right full body wetsuit will give you the thermal insulation and physical protection you need to fully enjoy your SCUBA diving experience.

Wetsuits for SCUBA diving are not the same as the wetsuit you’d wear for surfing or triathlon. SCUBA diving suits are made to resist the pressure and compression at depth; other types of wetsuits will crush as you descend and lose their warmth. Our women's full wetsuit for SCUBA diving is made with compression-resistant neoprene, so you can be sure that you'll stay warm and comfortable, even at SCUBA depths.

Choosing a Women's SCUBA Wetsuit

Not every wetsuit is right for every watersport. With many different kinds of wetsuits available, it can be hard to know which to choose. If you have questions about the right full body wetsuit for SCUBA diving, visit our Help & Advice section or call 866-906-SUIT to speak to one of our experts. They'll help you select the womens SCUBA wetsuit that fits your needs and your budget!