If your next SCUBA diving trip is in water temperatures of 65 degrees F and up, a women's 3mm wetsuit is a great choice. A 3mm SCUBA wetsuit provides the perfect balance of comfort and performance, keeping you warm without sacrificing flexibility. Made with super-stretchy neoprene and designed for the female anatomy, these wetsuits allow for superior mobility.

Collection: Women's 3mm SCUBA Diving Wetsuits


A 3mm SCUBA wetsuit is perfect for cool to warm water temperatures. We offer a range of options, including shorty and sleeveless wetsuits, all designed for the female athlete. Look for great features like sealed seams, quick-drying neoprene, and reinforced and waterproof zippers. Some styles break the all-black wetsuit mold with a pop of color to help you look your best!


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